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• Class-room teaching is suspended in the Institute in the wake of situation caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19). However, online classes are going on institutional EDRP where students can access and download video tutorials, lecture notes, assignments, question papers, etc. Students can also interact with faculty members on Whatsapp to clear their doubts. • PhD Admission 2019 • SSTC ranked THREE STAR institution by MHRD's Innovation Cell for undertaking various activities for Start-up at the campus. • Mr Lalit Hiyal a student of Mechanical Engineering, Shankaracharya Technical Campus Bhilai, got selected in "GOLDMAN SACHS"at a package of 24 lakhs per annum". • Pratibha Sahu, student of Electrical and Electonics Engineering got selected in apprentice program of ISRO, Bangalore • Twinkle Choudhary, student of civil engineering is awarded with "National Nitya Bhusan Award-2017" Prague of Honor, presented by International Theater Festival, Cuttack Orissa.     • Twinkle Choudhary, student of civil engineering performed at the festival of Indian Art and Culture, ICC Auditorium Colombo SriLanka.     • Mr Raja Sinha Alumni of civil Engineering Department got selected for Indian Engineering Services conducted by UPSC.     • CSE Department in association with Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides academic gateway for next generation IT and Cloud Professionals.     • CSE Department is approved Resource Center from IIT Mumbai.     • MOU between "Automation Anywhere" and CSE department provides training in IOT and Systems Automation.     • Department of CSE provides state of the art training in association with CISCO Network Academy.


The subject "Applied Chemistry" is a basic science subject of the engineering curriculum, but still it plays a significant role. The knowledge of the subject helps for successful & efficient working in most of the core engineering sectors. Environment & ecology are become need of the day, as our planet badly needed to pay attention on environmental pollution. The subject develops the concepts of Chemistry in Engineering. Future Target Planning.

Dr. Prachi Parmar Nimje (Head of Department)


  • The institute strives for providing a technically advanced academic environment and achieving a national recognition through acquiring a well directed honest effort.

Dr. Prachi Parmar Nimje(HOD)


  • 7th Chhattisgarh young scientist award 2007.


  • To become one of the premier Technical institutions in the country and abroad delivering excellent professional education, creating value based globally competitive professional.
  • SSGI has a vision of promoting an environment where faculty, staff and students can conduct result-oriented research and meet social needs.

Core Values

SSEC is proud to have achieved and maintained the following core values:

  • Integrity and Discipline
  • Devotion.
  • Team Work.
  • Transparency and Mutual Respect.
  • Moral Responsibility.

List Of Publications

Sr. No. List Of Publications
1. Chemical and Environmental Research, Vol 16(3- 4), 265-272, 2007.
2. Acta Chimica Slovenica, Vol. 55(1), 236-242, 2008.
3. Chemical & Environmental Research, Vol. 7(3&4), 221-228, 2008.
4. Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiopia, Vol 23(3), 1-6, 2009.
5. Journal of Analytical Chemistry, Vol 65 (6), 582-587, 2010.
6. Bulletin of Korean Chemical Society, Vol.54 (1), 1-4, 2010.
7. Research Journal of Chemical Sciences. Vol. 2(12), 6-10, December (2012)
8. International J of Research In Chemistry & Environment, vol 4, July (2014)
9. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular & Biomole Spectroscop, 139, 471-476, 2015.

National And International Conferences, Seminars

Sr. No. National and International Conferences, Seminars
1. 47th Annual Convention of Chemist & International Conference on Recent Advances in Chemical Sciences, Raipur, Abst. No. 31, 23rd–27th Dec. 2010.
2. SICC6, Dec.18th , Singapore, Abst.No. 6B-2, 2009.
3. Indian Council of Chemist Patan Gujarat, 7-10th Nov,Pg. 176, Abst. No. 23, 2009.
4. 35th International Symposium on Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Poland, Gdansk, June 22-26th 2008.
5. Silver Jublee International Conference, CONIAPS-X, Pg. No. 55, GGU, Bilaspur, Abst No. 50, Jan. 12-14th , 2008.
6. SESTEC-2008, Delhi (Organized by BARCK), 2008.
7. 94th Indian Science Congress, Pg. No.13, Anamalai, Abst. No. 19.3-7th Jan, 2007.
8. Nation symposium of Fundamental and Analytical Aspect…, Kalayan Mahavidhyalaya Bhilai, 2007.
9. 5th Chhattisgarh Young scientist Congress, pg. 58, CSVTU, Bhilai, Abst. No. 43rd Technical University, Bhilai. Feb 28th, 2007.
10. The Indian Science Congress 93rd (Hydrabad), 2006.
11. Indian Council of Chemist, 25th Silver Jubli Conference Kalyan, Abst No. AP-CYSA-08, Dec. 27-29th, 2006.

Papers ( National /International )

Sr. No. National or International Papers
1. Lakshmikanta & Bimal Verma, “Synthesis and Characterization of Dye Based Colored Co-polyesters”; Journal of Indian Chemical Society, Vol. 82, pp. 718-722, Aug.-2005
2. Lakshmikanta & Bimal Verma, “Viscometric Studies and Thermal Characterization of Interfacial Polymers Having Aliphatic Lactone Ring Synthesized from Succinic Acid and Various Phenols”, Journal of Indian Chemical Society , Vol 90,No. 12, pp. 2247-2256, Dec. 2013
3. Lakshmikanta & Bimal Verma, “Synthesis of Dye Based Colored Polyesters by Interfacial Polymerization”; Journal of Indian Chemical Society , Vol 91, No. 4, pp. 739- 746, April 2014 National Conference
4. Lakshmikanta & Bimal Verma, “Synthesis and characterization of internally colored polyesters from phenolphthalein and fluroescein type of dye moiety”; Paper presented in 24th Annual conference, Indian Council of Chemists,B.I.T. Mesra, Ranchi, 16-18 Dec. 2005
5. Lakshmikanta, “Colored Polyesters derived from phenolphthalein and fluorescein type of dye moieties by interfacial polycondensation”; paper presented in 47th Annual Convention of Chemists & International Conference on Recent Advances in Chemical Sciences,School of Studies in Chemistry, Pt. R.S.U. Raipur, Dec. 23 – 27, 2010 National/ International Seminar
6. Lakshmikanta, Umesh Kumar,Piyusha, “Electroplating, Electro polishing, Anodizing & weld clean up process saves chemical plants and money” Presented paper in National level seminar at CSIT,Durg (C.G.)
7. Lakshmikanta “A Study and Recent Trends about Sources of Energy as Strategic Commodity”; 2nd International Seminar on “ Utilization of Non – Conventional Energy Sources for Sustainable Development of Rural Areas” ISNCESR’16 at Parthivi College of Engg.& Management, Bhilai, March 17-18, 2016


Sr. No. Publication
1. Mrs. Reena V. Mathai, “Estimation of Acetaminophen in waste water of Bhilai Region” in International journal of Advanced Engineering Research and studies, Vol(1)4, 48-49, 2012.

Seminars and Conferences

Sr. No. Seminars and Conferences
1. Mrs. Reena V. Mathai, Participated in the Workshop on Recent IT Trends sponsored by Chhattisgarh Council of Science & Technology, Raipur at MJ College.
2. Mrs. Reena V. Mathai, Participated in Integrated Efforts for Sustainable Development and Ecological Resilience in the AICON 2012 at CSIT, Durg.
3. Mrs. Reena V. Mathai, Participated in National Seminar on Environmental science & its application towards water treatment in July 2010.
4. Mrs. Reena V. Mathai, Presented a Project report on “Water and Sanitation” at National Teachers Conference -2004 at Science Center, Gwalior (M.P).
5. Mrs. Reena V. Mathai, National Conference On ‘‘Innovation in Chemistry and Environmental Engineering’’, NIT Raipur.
6. Mrs. Reena V. Mathai, Workshop on Fuzzy Logic in Civil and Environmental Engineering, CSVTU Bhilai.
7. Mrs. Reena V. Mathai, All India national conference on “New age skill, AICON19”

Awards & Accolades

Sr. No. Awards & Accolades
1 Paryavaran Dronacharya Award-2009 (Indian Center for Wildlife & Environmental Studies in South Asia Region)
2 Certificate of appreciation (Environmental Care & Sustainable Development Society, Jabalpur)
3 Certificate of Recognition for successfully conducting NSTSE Exam as Teacher In-charge.

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