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Multi-Objective Optimization method for Engineering and Scientific Application

In today’s world, manufacturers find competitive advantage through better design, improved customer satisfaction, quick response, faster new product introduction, and other goals overshadowed in the past by the sole pursuit of cost reduction. The new engineering challenges require systematic and integrated planning and optimization approaches in the manufacturing environment. In this context, the aim of a manufacturing system is to achieve overall performance, utilizing resources in development, design, production, delivery and support of products. Moreover, performance or efficiency of any process is assessed in terms of different objective functions or process output responses. Therefore, determining the best optimal parameter combination can lead towards improvement of the overall process efficiency. The performance of the process can be enhanced by applying optimization to the simulation model with respect to its process control parameters. However, Single objective optimization method often creates conflict, when more than one response variables need to be optimized simultaneously. Hence, to minimize cost and to maximize production rate simultaneously; multi objective optimization approach should be explored. This program highlights the application of multi-objective optimization methods which are used for manufacturing environment for quality improvement and offline quality control any process/product.

The objective of this program is to explore the multi-objective optimization and their applications in various industries for quality improvement and offline quality control of any product or process. The main focus the program will be on the Indian Infrastructure includes manufacturing, HVAC, transportation etc. This program will also discuss theoretical and practical aspects, which are of interest for practicing engineers, research scholar and students.